Triathlete magazine is the largest triathlon resource in the world, catering to one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. As the category leader for multisport athletes and enthusiasts, Triathlete, through its monthly print title and website, Triathlete.com, strives to inspire and inform athletes of all abilities. The engaging editorial mix includes service content (training tips and plans, gear reviews, nutrition pointers, and event and athlete profiles), fueling the healthy and rewarding triathlon lifestyle and encouraging broader participation in the sport.


Redesigned in 2010 with brilliant design and expert editorial, Triathlete now reaches a more expansive sector of the triathlon audience than ever. This highly educated, highly motivated audience is passionately involved in the triathlon lifestyle, whether veterans of the sport or newcomers who are just expanding their palette include multisport.

Despite their busy lifestyles, Triathlete readers make time to engage in training everyday, motivating friends, families and coworkers to lead healthy lifestyles, too.

Readers spend over $3,300 on endurance sports-related purchases annually. Over 97% have taken action after seeing an ad in the magazine, and 89% of readers have reacted to advertising by visiting an advertiser’s website.



  • Circulation: 61,227
  • Frequency: 15X, including bonus issues

Source: June 2013 CVC Statement


  • Gender: 83% male, 17% female
  • Median age: 41
  • Median HHI: $165,399
  • Education: 84% have bachelors degree or higher

Source: 2012 Triathlete Reader Study