As the only women’s specific running magazine, Women’s Running was created to serve a rapidly growing community of female runners. This community continues to explode in size and evolve in its preferences, and Women’s Running leads the charge in empowering these women to run more and lead healthy and active lifestyles.

In doing so, we capture the attention of eager female consumers in a way that mainstream women’s fitness magazines and co-ed sports verticals cannot.


Women’s Running reaches intelligent, successful females who run to balance and enrich their lives. We put brands in touch with intelligent consumers who not only possess tremendous purchasing power, but who are enthusiastic in their pursuit of products that support their lifestyle and image.


    • Circulation: 72,000
    • Readership: 187,000*
    • Frequency 10X
    • Distribution at 7,000+ retail outlets

*Publisher’s estimate




  • Median age: 43
  • Median HHI: $134,186
  • 77.5% have graduated college or have done post-graduate studies
  • 74.3% are married; 41.7% have children under the age of 18

Source: 2012 Women’s Running Reader Study