Competitor magazine is the world’s leading voice for the endurance community. Competitor engages active people from runners to cyclists and outdoors adventurers to fulfill one simple mission: to inspire a healthy, active lifestyle. Competitor empowers readers across the country, with world-class journalism and photography, to become community leaders through their adventurous lifestyle and courageous spirit.

Competitor has a distribution network that is second to none. 500,000 copies of Competitor reach brand new and established runners every month at targeted locations, and the Competitor digital edition reaches thousands more via mobile, tablet and computer.


Competitor reaches highly-educated, highly-motivated professionals who love being involved in running and the active lifestyle. This audience engages with health, fitness and training on a daily basis. They encourage and motivate the communities they are involved in to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Competitor has become the voice of authority across the country for this goal-oriented group. They have the desire to change their lives through endurance sports and the discretionary income to support that lifestyle.

The Competitor reader spends an average of 1.3 hours reading each issue. Over 89% have taken action after seeing an ad or article, and 42% read four out of the last four issues.



  • Circulation: 500,000
  • Readership: 1,250,000
  • Frequency: 12x
  • 7,000+ total distribution locations
  • 90% pick up rate

Source: December 2013 AAM Statement


  • Gender: 51% female, 49% male
  • Median age: 39
  • Median HHI: $121,256
  • Education: 80% have a bachelors degree or higher

Source: 2012 Competitor Reader Study