Competitor magazine and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series evoke a fantastic attitude for the new millennium. Just a matter of decades ago, women were essentially barred from athletics. Look how that’s exploded in the past 15 years, as a growing percentage of women participate in road racing.

The message? Given the opportunity and the means, people would rather be in the game than stuck in the stands or on the sidelines. The appeal of identifying oneself as an athlete is far greater than the appeal of being strictly a fan. The first is simply more satisfying on levels of health, spirit, mind and happiness.

The mission of both properties is to INSPIRE all to take part in the active lifestyle through the universally accessible sport of running. We’re here to dare you to discover the athlete within. We’re here to dare you to live life with passion, verve, energy and health. We’re here to dare you to invigorate your life with the joy that comes from pushing yourself and living the athlete’s lifestyle.