Velo delivers the strongest, most effective editorial and marketing package in the cycling industry, producing a qualified, responsive and influential audience.

Readership is the key to advertising value, and because a quality product with strong editorial is key to developing and maintaining the Velo readership, our mission is to create amazing content that informs, inspires and entertains cycling enthusiasts worldwide while treating our customers, colleagues, and suppliers as partners in our success and stakeholders in our future.

Velo reaches thousands of enthusiasts at top-caliber events, including the Tour de France, the Tour of California, the Sea Otter Classic, the US Pro Championship, USGP of Cyclocross, Tour de Georgia and Tour of Missouri.


The Velo audience encompasses the most influential cyclists in North America, including professional cyclists, industry leaders and bike shop owners and employees. Subscriptions and promotional programs influence the important collegiate and club racing markets.

Velo readers participate in all types of cycling: road racing, touring, mountain biking, cyclocross, stationary and commuting. This audience is constantly seeking brands and products to help them achieve their goals. They are educated, affluent and incredibly active in the sport of cycling, spending more than 8.8 hours on their bikes each week. 62 percent bought a Velo-advertised product or service online.



  • Circulation: 41,634
  • Readership: 95,758
  • Frequency: 14X including two special issues

Source: June 2013 CVC Statement


  • Gender: 94% male, 6% female
  • Median age: 50
  • HHI: $124,487
  • Education: 96% attended college; 46% have post-graduate degrees

Source: 2013 Velo Reader Study