P.F. Chang’s partnered with Competitor to showcase their “Start Strong, Finish Strong” campaign (aimed at runners). P.F. Chang’s wanted to educate runners about their “healthier” offerings, encourage them to try their dishes and drive traffic to their locations in each event market.



Prior to the Competitor and P.F. Chang’s partnership, P.F. Chang’s had a low brand connection to the running space. With smart branding and education online, engaging, one-on-one interaction onsite and post-race communication with an enticing offer Competitor and P.F. Chang’s turned runners into P.F. Chang’s customers.


P.F. Chang’s became the Official Upscale Casual Dining Partner of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series. Activation included a robust sampling program at the Health & Fitness Expos and Finish Line Festivals. P.F. Chang’s sampled their new dishes at the Health & Fitness Expos and handed out wristbands to those who signed up for their loyalty card program. The wristbands granted access to their “buffet” at the Finish Line Festival during Race Day – which quickly became one of the most popular attractions at the Finish Line.


Competitor created a section within the Training section of the website called Fuel Up with P.F. Chang’s. This section provided healthy recipes, suggested dishes to fuel your training and more. The section also had a P.F. Chang’s locator and a link to sign-up for the P.F. Chang’s email updates. This section reached runners throughout their training journey, leading up to Race Day.


P.F. Chang’s created runner-focused print ads in each event Program that “Congratulated” them on their great achievement. P.F. Chang’s also had their logo included in print ads promoting each event.

E-Newsletters/Direct Mail

Post race, Competitor sent a newsletter out to the event database with a “Congratulations” message from P.F. Chang’s – each finisher would receive a 15% discount card in the mail that could be used at any P.F. Chang’s location. This “Runner Card” program was successful and drove diners to P.F. Chang’s locations in each market that carried the program.


The program reached and even exceeded the initial goals. P.F. Chang’s reached runners with their brand, sampled dishes and increased traffic to their locations – ultimately receiving an excess of more than $1 million through “Runner Card” purchases.