Goals & Objectives

Nissan partnered with Competitor to grow brand awareness against runners and the active lifestyle audience, encourage this audience to interact with Nissan vehicles and showcase the Nissan “Master the Shift” program, which featured different athletes including elite runner, Ryan Hall.



Nissan really wanted to showcase their vehicles and develop one-on-one interaction with the runner. With strategic placements and branding online, engaging, one-on-one interaction onsite and vehicle specific communication in emails, Nissan was able to reach the runner through a significant passion point and brand themselves as the vehicle for the active lifestyle audience.


Nissan became the Official Auto Partner of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series. Nissan’s activation included a robust program at the Health & Fitness Expo and Finish Line Festival, which included athlete signings (with elite runner, Ryan Hall), yoga for runners clinic (with Tara Stiles) and a sweepstakes to win a Nissan vehicle, which asked the participants to interact directly with the Nissan vehicles.


Nissan had branding within several high profile places on each event website, aligning the brand with important running and event-related information:

  • Presenting Sponsor of Live Race Day Results – participants visited the section to find their official results
  • Sponsor of Course Fly-Through Preview Video – preview of the course from a runner’s viewpoint.Branding included logos as well as a :30s brand commercial and banner ads that promoted training videos from elite runner, Ryan Hall.

Social Media

Nissan posted messages on each event Facebook page and used each event Twitter account to promote their activation onsite – athlete signings, sweepstakes.


Nissan created runner-focused print ads for each event Program. In addition, Nissan had their logo included in several print ads promoting each event.

E-Newsletters/Direct Mail

Nissan included a message in each event newsletter, which promoted a specific Nissan vehicle.


The program was successful in driving interaction between thousands of runners and Nissan vehicles.